Bars With a View – London

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My first post!

Having started working in London just over a year ago, I have had the opportunity to explore many bars across London. There have been so many great places I have been to some better than others definitely…

But I am going to mention just 5 bars I have fallen in love with mainly due to their amazing views!

The Sky Lounge (Double Tree)


The Sky Lounge at the Hilton over looking Tower Bridge is a fantastic bar.

I came here on a date night on a Wednesday which meant it was calm and quiet for the evening. The photo above is the outside roof terrace. Although it was March time when I came here and meant it was a bit chilly outside! It was still a perfect viewing spot to see Tower Bridge. The drinks weren’t too pricey and the inside bar had a selection of sofas and stalls at tables around the edge against the windows. Meaning everyone could get a great view of London.

I would definitely recommend this place on maybe a Thursday on a slightly quieter night as the bar itself is fairly small and you don’t want to be cramped in such a beautiful place!! – (It’s also a hotel! So perfect for a romantic night away too!)

If you want to make a booking or just check the place out, click on the link below!
Sky Lounge @ Double Tree


The Ice Bar

Icebar 2016 Design, Wild In The City.   Photograph by Peter Kindersley

I went to the Ice Bar almost 3 years ago now.

It is very cold! I was shocked at just how cold it really was. I wore a dress and heels…“BIG mistake HUGE!” (cheeky Pretty Woman quote there). Entry has a fee of between £13.50 (when booked in advance) and to £26 (for champagne sessions). So it can really cater to any experience you want. When I went I got a free drink inside!

I had vodka and orange juice. It was so nice in there. You wear a big thermal coat with a furry hood provided by them which keeps you warm for the time you’re in there. The MAX time you can stay in is around 45 minutes as it’s so cold, any longer isn’t recommended.

Everything is made of ice, EVERYTHING! The tables, the chairs, even the bar and the cups! You have these huge gloves to hold you cup with as it’s literally a block of ice with a dip in it to hold the drink. Your drink never goes warm which is great!

I would definitely recommend this bar for a date night or even just a girls night out!
(There’s also many Ice Bars all over the World! I’ve also been the one in Amsterdam, but I’d say London was better!)

If you want to make a booking or just check the place out, click on the link below!
London Ice Bar


Aqua Shard


The Aqua Shard is one of my favourite places to go to. The views here are by far one of the best I have experienced. Situated on the 31st floor of the amazing Shard in London, it has such a landscape of views to look at. You can get tables right against the windows and see the majority of London.

This place I would say you have to go at night time, or around sunset and stay for the darkness to fall on the City. The lights of the City are so bright and the windows of the bar are so big it feels like you can see for miles!

Although prices are pretty steep here, I would say it’s not ideal for a date unless you’re prepared to splash the cash! Or maybe it’s nice just to have one drink and move on. There is a restaurant here but I haven’t wined and dined, just wined!

  • A little tip would be to get there early if you can, i.e to beat the half 5 time on a weekday as it can get pretty packed after work hours. However, weekends are perfect. Book a table and request a window table for a perfect evening!

If you want to make a booking or just check the place out, click on the link below!
Aqua Shard


Sushi Samba

sushi samba small 2_54b79659adfdb

This place is probably my favourite rooftop bar especially for the summer. It has an inside bar with fantastic views for rainy days, but then a beautiful rooftop terrace for those after work summer evenings (or weekends). I have been here numerous times it is found on the 38th floor of the Heron Tower.

The drink prices are similar to those at the Shard, however, I was more likely to stay here longer as the atmosphere I felt was a lot more lively and the outside bar has comfortable seated areas with fires for the winter and blankets provided too!

Me and a friend of mine bought a bottle of wine between us, it was expensive but we made it last!

This place gets very busy post work hours as it’s in the heart of the city, and can remain busy all night if a hot summers evening. However I’m sure you can book tables on the weekend and may find it slightly quieter!

The lift is famous for being extremely fast and it’s on the outside of the building meaning you can watch the City of London shrink as you shoot up the side of the building, prepare for your ears to pop!

If you want to make a booking or just check the place out, click on the link below!
Sushi Samba


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