John Mayer O2 Concert Review

JM.jpgOn the 11th May 2017 (literally last week) I went to see John Mayer for the 3rd time (is that weird…? Don’t care!) I am a huge fan of John Mayer, I’m sure you readers are too…and if you aren’t…you should be!! Anyway, read on to find out my experience of his new tour of “The Search For Everything” at London’s O2!

I’ll start with the readers who aren’t as familiar with Mayer, so I started listening to him about 6 years ago, maybe more. The first song I ever heard was actually not a song of his, but a cover he did of Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’. I instantly fell in love!! Since then, I have had my friends and family hooked on his music.

o2.jpgI saw him the first time at the O2, then at the Wembley Arena, and then just last week, the O2 again.

I went with my friend, my brother, my dad, mum and stepdad (See what I mean, about getting friends and family hooked!). We were greeted by a kind woman who worked at the O2 and asked if we were interested in moving seats. We got upgraded forwards an extra 13 rows! So we were that much closer! Great start!

I have to say, this was by far the best concert of his. The first two concerts opened with his Born and Raised hit ‘Queen of California’. I thought I could predict this would be the opening song for this concert too. But I was wrong. (Most of this post will only really be relevant to true JM fans, as they’ll understand and get the appreciation and excitement!)

This time, he opened with ‘Heartbreak Warfare’ the song which was speculated to be written about his ex Jennifer Aniston. I knew from then this would be an awesome concert.

He did a more structured performance this time around; he grouped his songs into acoustics, band, and then his new music which the album had just been released early this year (The Search For Everything).

Of course he did the classic; ‘Gravity’ & ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’. He also sang ‘Who Says’, and the one and only ‘Free Fallin’ (that made me cry, no shame)

I would 1000000% go to every concert of his when he comes to London. I’ll even try to go to at least one concert abroad!

So for those of you who haven’t or don’t listen to his music. Here’s a few to try out, then get back to me with what you think!! And of course more if you like it!
(They’re hyperlinked to youtube)

Free Fallin’
In Your Atmosphere
Queen of California
Emoji of a Wave
Why Georgia

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