My Favourite Makeup Products

If you’re anything like me then you’ll have way more than just one type of each make up product. I currently have 16 foundations and counting. God only knows how many blushers/bronzers and a heinous amount of lipsticks. However, for this post, I have chosen just my top favourites for a foundation, lipstick, mascara,  powder, bronzer, blusher, eyeshadow and concealer!


My favourite foundation has got to be Clarins Ever Matte, in the shade of 103 Ivory. This foundation not only smells good, but also has such a good texture to it that leaves my skin looking flawless. I bought this as my first ‘good’ foundation, all my others prior to this had been drugstore ones from around £8. Whereas this cost me £26 at the time.

I would strongly advise using this foundation, as it has healthy aspects to it, it has an SPF of 15 and is oil free. So it’s perfect for those prone to break outs or oily skin.

It isn’t too thick, but also isn’t thin it’s right in the middle for coverage, but you can layer it!

Face Powder


blog7This Mac face powder has got a medium coverage along with it. It has a slight glisten to it I think, it shows sometimes more often than not. But it goes on so nicely on top of foundation. It sets it all and works so well if you have oily skin.

This shade is medium, as if you go for your actual skin tone, then you’ll look one colour and usually too light. Whereas a slightly darker powder will set the foundation really well.

If you are looking for a natural look or want a transparent powder then this one isn’t for you, however if you want a full coverage, with a great reflection tool when it comes to cameras and photos it makes your skin look flawless!




A friend introduced me to Benefits Hoola bronzer. And wow! I haven’t once gone back. I love this bronzer it has such a good colour to it, it isn’t red or orangey, it’s perfect for a summer glow on your cheek bones, forehead and jaw. Perfect for contouring.

This is around £24 but is worth every penny! You even get the cute little brush with it, which is a perfect tool for sharp contouring.

It has a really soft pigmentation, and isn’t a sharp or harsh colour. Perfect for all year round! And even for when you haven’t got time for foundation, you can swipe some of this on and look good!



Of course, everyone knows of Urban Decays amazing Naked Palettes. There are too many to choose from so I was in such a predicament but chose this one, the first original one.
I never spent money on eye shadows, as in my opinion it was always a waste, as the cheap ones even the shadows for £1 were good! They have good pigmentation, ok they smudged a bit, and didn’t last the whole night, but I figured that was normal?!

But I bought this palette in duty free in an airport on my way home. And similarly to the Benefit Hoola bronzer, I have never looked back since!

Definitely something worth investing in!!




Blusher I think is one of the hardest makeup products to find that perfectly matches your skin tone. Often you’ll find they look so different when you put them on to how they look in their box.

I have done trial and error with more blushers than you can imagine! And this one has by far taken the league.

No7’s loose powder (in shade soft damsen) blush is something I’ve never come across before, it comes with a small brush which is perfect and the pigmentation is amazing. It has a subtle shimmer but is also matt so looks great in the winter and the summer!!




I only recently bought this mascara in an emergency as I was running out. I have never tried ‘Kiko’ makeup before but was always curious to. This is a waterproof mascara (I almost ALWAYS buy waterproof) and is meant to be put on top of an already done mascara layer.

I has a great brush which allows you to get into the tiny lashes in the inner corner of your eye which is great. And really thickens the lashes.

A little tip for this mascara, it is pretty heavy, so looks best on a night out as it can go clumpy, but just use a eyelash brush and brush out the clumps! Looks great after that and much more natural!



blog18blog19Of course this will be a Mac lipstick! They’re by far the best ones (I’ve ever tried). I bought my first mac lipstick a couple of years ago and was amazed that I didn’t have to top up my lips at any point!

I now have a collection of 16 Mac Lipsticks, and counting…(which I might do a blog post on all of them what they look like etc.) 

But this colour is my favourite. Brick-O-La. It’s a soft reddy, browny colour, but seems to go with everything, literally…everything! It’s not bold, it’s not bright, it’s not shocking, it can be worn with going out outfits, or really casual too. It’s definitely my go to!

It’s also very close to my lip colour just a bit darker, and makes them seem more defined!



blog11Concealer is a tricky subject. People never know whether to apply it before or after foundation, they never know whether to go a lighter or darker shade than their skin colour and never know where to really put it! Unfortunately…I don’t have the answers to these.

BUT! I do have a great concealer I’d recommend! Body Shops concealer is the best one I’ve come across (although I really like Soap & Glory’s so this was a tough decision)

It has a really illuminating effect and is perfect for under eyes. I only really use it for under my eyes as I find that I need a slightly thicker, more coverage one for any blemishes. It’s light and soft which makes the under eye bags vanish but not look caked in makeup! Perfect!

What are your favourite products? Do you use any of these?
Let me know in the comments below!!




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