5 Netflix Series YOU Must Watch!!!

netflixSpeaking as an experienced ‘Netflix-er’ I feel like I really should do a favour for the World and give my professional opinions of the top 5 series you MUST watch. Everyone needs a good series to get stuck into and sometimes when a beloved series has ended, like me, you might find that you are beside yourself not knowing what to watch next. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas!

1 Breaking Bad

tv1Weirdly as I write this, I am wearing my Breaking Bad T-shirt, (true fan, true fan) but that just proves how awesome this series is. So Breaking Bad had an immense coverage everywhere as it was so successful. If you don’t already know, this is about Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer and teams up with a former student to cook crystal meth in order to provide some money for his family before he passes away. As you can imagine, Walt runs into a lot of trouble on the way and it’s about how he keeps his ‘street rep’ and works his way around the drug world.


2 Pretty Little Liars

tv4Ok…This is probably going to typically appeal to girls, as it is a group of a girls whose friend goes missing one night and is missing still one year later. The remaining girls begin to be tormented by an anonymous character called ‘A’ who somehow knows all their secrets and manipulates them into doing twisted things. Murder, betrayal, blackmail, and lies are main themes in this show. And guys, you can DEFINITELY watch this show! Starting in 2010 we have watched these girls grow up and we’ve witnessed the madness unveil at every corner. This series is wrapping up this year and we will finally know who mystery A is all this time.  So start watching now to catch the ending in time.


3 Orphan Black

ja1.pngI stumbled upon this series when looking for another series to begin (similarly as to why you might be reading this post! For some inspiration!) This in short, is about a rebellious Sarah who witnesses woman who looks just like her, commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. She steals the woman’s handbag and finds out she is identical to her. She steals her identity and begins to live as this woman, finding out secrets you’d never believe! Definitely watch this!! New series starts on June 10th so you have 8 days to catch up !!


4 13 Reasons Why

tv5For those who have seen this series would agree when I say that everyone should watch this. Although it has been massively disputed and slammed for it’s “glorifying of suicide” it has a much darker deeper story line behind it, and in actual fact, I think it creates awareness to mental health and doesn’t promote it. This is about Hannah Baker who a high school girl who commits suicide and leaves behind 13 tapes, 13 reasons why she did it. And it’s up to her friend Clay to figure out what went wrong.


5 Prison Break

tv3I watched this series waaaaay back when it wasn’t as well known. Since then, 5 years on, there has been a new series released (still on going now). This is pretty self explanatory, it’s about a prison break! Michael Scofield gets himself put into a prison to break his brother out – who was put on death row for the assassination of the Presidents brother! There is suspense, thrilling scenes, intricate plot twists and a huge conspiracy behind it. This series will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole thing and makes you question everything in your own life.

So there you have it! 5 series you MUST watch! Let me know if you’ve seen these programmes already or which ones you like the sound of, or even any recommendations for me to watch too!!


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