MUA Matte Lipgloss Review

I came across this brand a few years ago. And was absoloutely taken back by their obscenely cheap prices. £1 lipsticks and £4 eyeshadow palettes. I figured there must be something wrong!

I wasn’t!! I have since bought so much MUA makeup (stands for MakeUp Academy)and can be purchased from Boots. 


I found these lipglosses for a cheap £4 each. And took them home to try them out. The 3 colours I have are;


  • Dash a deep rasberry pink
  • Halcyon –  a peachy nudey pink.
  • Funk –  a shocking bright bold pink.

MUA have a huge selection of matted lipglosses these are just a few.

But my shock was just how long they lasted.

Currently I am on a girls holiday on a party Island (so very hot, makeup smudging you know how it is) last night we went clubbing until 4am and I wore Funk (far right) which stayed on THE WHOLE NIGHT !!!!

Only the occasional top up was needed when having done a shot and chipped away some of the rosy colour. But other than that, no issues.

However a flaw for MUA is that they have a very little range of foundation shades. Resulting in the majority of their products to be for white or lighter skin.

Of course lipsticks, eyeshadows etc. can be worn by anyone however lipsticks such as these can often look different on different skin tones.

  • Also different lip skin tones can make a huge difference to how lipsticks show

Some people have verg nudey lips others very rosey or brown. This would have a different finishing result

From top to bottom; Halycon, Dash and Funk.

Therefore I have demonstrated here (*my arm is the first photo followed by catherines*) with my lovely friend Catherine what difference this may be, and how different colours compliment different skin tones!!

Let me know if you’ve tried this brand, your thoughts on it. 

Or if you have come across other makeup and found they have appeared differently at all!



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