Zante: The Beautiful Side

Zante is the well known Island in which many party-goers travel here for the cheap booze, loud music and hot sun. Specifically Laganas is the attractive party area of the Island. And I feel like many people have pre-set thoughts of the Island, without considering the beautiful elements the Island has to offer.


I came to the Island of Zante last year (2016) for the sole purpose of the cliche girls party holiday. And that is exactly what happened. Got drunk, ate 1 Euro pizza from the strip on the sunrise walks home, and forgot half of what happened. But will forever claim it was a fantastic holiday!!

This year, me and my girlfriends went back. Admittedly, we did very much the same thing as last year. Alcohol, dancing, and hangovers. However! We made a very big effort to go out, and see the Island.



Many people who have been or know the Island in Greece, will be familiar with the landmark ‘Shipwreck’ it is what it says. It’s literally, the wreck of a ship. We got on a whole day boat trip (with a glass bottom to see the fish as we soared the sea!)


The boat picked us up from the harbor with 40 other excited tourists at 11am. After about an hour we landed at Shipwreck. The water here was the clearest I’ve ever seen! It was like the Bahamas! So blue, so clear and so fresh! (I’ve not been to the Bahamas but I can imagine it’s beautiful)



Next stop was the Blue Caves. Here we were told to clamber into the water down the ladder (being careful because of the rocky seabed as it was so shallow) and then we swam, following the person in front of us.

z1Into a dark small opening of a cave we found ourselves holding onto rocks and trying to
see where we were going. Once we reached a certain part in the cave it was clear what we were doing! The cave had natural lighting where there were cracks in the rocks. It felt magical (reminded me of H20 the Nickelodeon series of Mako Island – If you know, you know) but it was truly gorgeous.


Finally, our last stop was at a tiny little beach area, in which the rocks were high in sulphur and the water was meant to be great for wrinkles and cellulite (RESULT!!) So, what’s left to do when you’ve been swimming in the sea all day?


So this was just 3 of the beautiful places Zante has to offer. Yes it has a party zone, full of kids. BUT! It has many beautiful spots to visit and appreciate too!

I would strongly recommend the Island and just Greece in general!



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