Top 5: Pre-Drinking Games!

I figured as it’s August, it means that Freshers week at uni is creeping up! There’s nothing worse than having friends over, or at a party and someone suggest drinking games. But no one knows any! So here I’ll give you some top games, some I’ve played, others I cannot wait to give a go. Either way, they’re gonna get you spandangled!

  1. Beer Pong

jamie3Of course this is going to be on here! This is such an easy game. Can be easily played with different alcohol too just to make you extremely smashed! So all you need is a table, preferably a long one, 20 cups (or 10) NOT GLASS. And a ping pong ball! Set out the cups like a pyramid, (you can see in the image) and simply throw the ball into the opposing cups. Whoever gets all the opposing cups first, wins! It’s as simple as that. People get competitive, and funnily enough, better the drunker they get!

2. Ring of Fire

jamie4For this game you will need a pack of cards, a table for everyone to sit at, and an empty pint glass (or any cup will do really). The cards are faced down around the empty glass in a ring. You take in turns who picks a card, each card has a different meaning for what you do. Such as, Ace = waterfall > everyone downs their drinks. 2 = Fuck you >you choose someone to drink! Etc. The list goes on, and ultimately, the first 3 Kings, means you pour some of your drink into the empty glass. The person who gets the final King, has to down the shit mix! (The glass that has been collecting everyone’s drinks!)

3.  Never Have I Ever

This is a classic game for parties with new people. If you’re a group of friends who all know each others secrets then this game is not for you. You take in turns, saying “never have I ever” followed by something you haven’t done! Then in the circle, if it applies to anyone they drink! (But no questions asked to those who drink!)


4. Drunk Jenga


So get Jenga, ordinary Jenga! And on each piece write a dare, or a truth, or anything! And which ever one people pick they have to do it. (make it drink related too!) and whoever knocks over the tower, has to down their drink! Simple!


5. Roxanne (By the Police)


Literally play this song. Everyone have a bottle of their own shot mix, so they can instantly pour their own shots. Every time the word Roxanne is mentioned. You Drink! (Can also be played with Jamming – Bob Marley & The Wailers)


So these are just some of the good drinking games me and my friends play! It gets the party going and sets everyone up for a good night. You can use these games as templates, and change them into your own. They’re all easily adaptable. But there are plenty of drinking games out there, get creative. But if you’re stuck, here’s a few ideas to get you started!




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