My Pamper Night

blog4.jpgI did a pamper evening, as I try to do at least once a week. I have so many products, and need to really sort them all out as I am running out of room to store them all! Every girl (pretty much every girl) loves to do a pamper every now and then. Just to get your skin feeling healthy and smooth, fresh and vibrant again. (Guys even do this more than you think!)

I have a variety of different brands, although No7 (Boots) is evidently a favourite., however so many brands have caught my eye and this is just a small selection. If I took a photo of all my products, I don’t think they’d fit.

Here I have a selection of face masks, moisturisers, hair removal, nail varnish, and facial cleanser. I LOVE these products, as none of them are unaffordable. Some are a little more than others, some are out right cheap as chips! But ultimately they serve a great purpose.








This nail varnish is so lovely, it’s Christmas white, so glossy and bold. It lasts for so long. I love to paint my nails on a Sunday evening, when I have done everything and can just relax and make my hands look pretty!! (Maintaining your nails is so difficult and takes time but so worth it!)


I usually cleanse my face, this Nivea micellar water is really good, it really clears your face and isn’t too pricey either.

Secondly, I used the Veet hair removal to make my legs smooth and remove those unwanted hairs! (Nothing feels better than silky smooth legs)








I love to use this pore vacuum by No7. It’s so thick and really gets into your skin. It’s hard work putting it onto your face, as it’s so thick, you have to really spread it (can help if you’re in the bath and the steam can help it slide along). But leave this on for a few minutes, and you can really feel the effects once you wash it off. I would strongly recommend investing in this!


I have two No7 face creams, they’re both wash offs. But this one is the hot cloth cleanser. The other one I have is for really dry skin. It really sorts your skin out, if you’re anything like me, I suffer from super dry skin, to then really oily. So this is perfect for the right balance. However this one is for opening your pores and clearing your skin again similarly to the pore vacuum, except much softer. It leaves your skin so smooth.


As you can see, I have a few other products too in the photo. The Body shop almond body butter is just so lush, it makes my skin feel so soft and silky all day. It lasts for ages. I would also really recommend this.

It is hard to pamper with so many products as you don’t want to put too many chemicals in your skin. So I picked these few out of the bunch to ensure I had a good range of products.

I felt refreshed, cleansed, and ready for the beginning of my week again. I need to try to keep this up at least once a week!

What are your pamper days/evenings like?

Let me know in the comments below


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