Hot Hair UK (Pink Festival Wig)


It’s festival season!! Where people with sparkly faces, little to no clothing and crazy hair colours are dancing their hearts out to loud music in the evening sun! Having quite a creative taste with makeup and ‘looks’ I recently dyed the tips of my hair blue. I loved it, and now I have this pink wig, to wear when I am feeling like having something different.

Having the ability to change your look so simply is a great aspect to have. I always see hair do’s and different colours and think ah wow I’d love to do that. But then I know I don’t want vibrant purple hair every day, just some days. Or electric blue dip dye, I’d want to be able to change it any time I want.

This Festival Wig from Hot Hair UK gave me the option to have my long brown hair, or to go for a wild pink wig!


It has an adjustable strap on the inside which can tighten or loosen the circumference for your head, so that it fits more comfortably and safely.

By placing my hair with clips on my head and supporting my real hair into place, hidden away, I was able to place the wig on my head fully covering my brown hair.


The box that this wig came in was so nice as well, it looked professional and I use it to keep the wig in so it doesn’t get tangled or ruined. It comes with instructions on basic care for the synthetic hair so that it is kept in it’s best condition!


This means now that I can change my hair whenever I want to. Just a cut, or a colour change can really change your face! Could almost be a totally different person. I spend so much time and effort on my makeup, I forget about my hair very frequently, so it’s good to have a product that keeps me engaged with my hair!

They’re currently having a sale at HotHair UK so go over to the site and check it out!

There are so many other products on their site too. You should check out my other post with the same company! I did a volume boost post on some of their volume extensions. >> Hot Hair Extensions Blog Post


Try out their products! And comment below what you think of my pink hair!!!!



3 thoughts on “Hot Hair UK (Pink Festival Wig)

    • Jamie Marie says:

      You should really check out their website then! They literally have so much choice for wigs and extensions and hair pieces etc.! And I will definitely check out your blog !! 🙂


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