Camping in Luxembourg

1Having just passed a bank holiday (UK) I decided to use this free time to do another little city trip! I’m so fond of short breaks driving in Europe. I’m pretty confident on the road, and the only country within comfortable driving distance I haven’t been to is Luxembourg! So this is where I chose to go to.

Luxembourg?! Yeah… weird I know. People don’t even know it’s a country it’s so small. And there’s really not a lot to do there.  So I asked my friend Catherine if she’d like to come camping! She too is very into travelling so she was up for it. We both have tips to america coming up (not together but at the same time) so we wanted it to be as cheap as possible.

As we live in South London it’s pretty convenient to get the ferry to France and then drive from there up to Luxembourg. We left Friday after work so we drove through the night. My dad got me a European satnav for my 21st (probably the best gift i got) so it’s pretty simple getting around even at night.

We arrived at our campsite in larochette at around 5am… Yeah we had an hour and a half before sun rise!


We quickly and quietly unloaded the car.  Luckily we had a pop up tent so it didn’t take long. It was really warm there too so we weren’t cold.

In the morning we realised just how big the campsite was! We went for a walk and then showered and got ready. We walked into town and explored what was around. There was an old chateu which is like a castle ruins thing.  5This was pretty cool to climb up. We really enjoyed it, the views were great at the top and the weather was like 30 degrees so or was a great day to do it.
Once we hit the top we laid down on the rocks that literally hung over the edge. We had a nap (in hindsight this was very dangerous – but we are young dumb and 21 so obviously we didn’t care).

That evening we went for some pizza and hung out in the little village. We practised our very disadvanced french and chatted to some locals.

The following day we set our hearts on doing the Mullerthal trail!! We set up with water and snacks for the walk. We hiked for 5 hours!!! It was even hotter this day!! But the famous Mullerthal waterfall at the end made it totally worth it!!

The final day, we decided we would drive too Bruges!! So we packed up and set off about midday. We were on the motorway in Belgium when disaster struck! My car broke down!!


This is a whole other story for a rainy day… all you need to know, is I got home in the end. But my car remains in Belgium…still… a week later !!!!

So I’d massively recommend Luxembourg. It had some really beautiful sights! And camping was fun too!!


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