Las Vegas!

Screenshot_20170921-201811.jpgI know it’s been a while since I posted. But like I said it may happen that I start having way too much fun and don’t have the time to write! Well this very much became reality in Vegas!

Flying from Phoenix to Vegas really wasn’t bad it was somethung like a 45 minute flight. And the weather was pretty similar! It was non stop from the minute we landed and it’s like no other place.

The Strip

Of course on the strip there is so much to do. So many famous sights from films etc. We got there in the day and the hotel we stayed in (The Flamingo) was so pretty and had real flamingos in its grounds!!! I’ve never seen one in real life so that was cool.IMG_20170916_153856_155

The placement of this hotel was good too as it was only a short walk to various different shopping centres, restauraunts and of course, clubs.

We went partying in the MGM  (another famous hotel/casino) and we didn’t get back to our hotel until around 5am! Sounds like a good night!

IMG_20170917_191118_573Now I’ve been to zante twice and many other hot counties. But this party place was like no other!! You have to come to Vegas.

For the women reading this,  you must prepare for the amount of guys hitting on you.  Compared to the other states I’ve been to, this has been the worst for cat callings, shouting, and general ignorance when you do not want attention. Maybe I just had a bad experience but many people I’ve met have agreed.

Aside from all that. Women get free entry to all the clubs! Free drinks most of the time at all the club’s and also have a great excuse to lounge by the pool all day sun bathing and get dressed up all fancy and go out at night!!

Would definitely recommend this place!!!


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