San Francisco

IMG_20170919_174609_094San francisco came straight after Las Vegas. It was a great order of events as we were both so so tired from partying so hard in Vegas the previous few nights.

California and Nevada are fairly close so again the flight was only an hour and a half or so. I didn’t know what to expect in San Francisco, as I had heard a lot of mixed reviews.  I feel like it probsbly appeals to the older generation more as I didn’t feel there were that many attractions for young people.

Although we could’ve just been oblivious to this!

Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_20170919_174609_086So this was pretty spectacular! It took my breath away it had such beautiful scenery sobs it that it really looked like a movie. The water underneath was bluey green and the bridge itself is like a dark rusty red and it’s gorgeous.

It’s a really big bridge!!


Screenshot_20170921-203829.jpgThis is another big attraction for San Francisco,  the old prison in the middle if the water.

I had planned the whole way to go and do the tour.  However many locals put us off the idea as it cost a lot of money and they said it’s just like a museum now and there’s nothing in there you can’t find out in Google.
Plus you can see it really clearly from various different points of the coast.

Fisherman’s Wharf

We were so gutted that we only went here in the last day as it was so beautiful and there were so many quirky stores and things to do. We ran into an old arcade which was so much fun.

The actual part where our hotel was, we didn’t feel was safe. So we stayed home at night and ordered food in! But in the day in the tourist areas were perfect!

The weather was much cooler than we had been used to in Phoenix and Las Vegas.  But it was nice to have a cooler environment!

I did like San Francisco, I just don’t think I would go back!


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