Los Angeles

IMG_20170923_082005_324Los angeles is an interesting place. It’s pretty spread out and has very opposite attractions. I enjoyed Los Angeles, however I still feel like there is something missing in L.A unless you are rich.

So first up.

Hollywood/Beverly Hills
This really is the glam and the glitz! This it’s where it’s all at! Celebrities have mansions in the hills and all the films were shot in these areas. This is the film world after all. I didn’t go to universal studios but I’ve heard it is incredible.

Rodeo Drive
If you have seen Pretty Woman then you know this is the disc that Vivien goes shopping at when she encounters the rude women. It’s got all the expensive shops and is beautiful! Be careful though, it’s so tiny you could miss it and drive past it completely.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Again… another Pretty Woman reference (I really like that film) this is the hotel that Edward stays in and takes Vivien back to! This was incredible! So beautiful inside and literally just off the corner of Rodeo Drive. Of course I didn’t stay here… it costs an arm and a leg but maybe one of you guys will stay there one day and you can let me know.IMG_20170923_074753_684

Walk Of Fame
This was definitely not expected. I thought it would be a big glamorous show on the ground of all the stars with the celebrities names. However in actual fact it was an ordinary road I didn’t realise I had been walking over all the stars for about 15 minutes as there is no sign telling you that’s where you are! Anyway. Ther are some great names here and good for a few pictures it’s I  both sides of the road so make sure you don’t miss any! I found my fave (Hugh Laurie)IMG_20170923_074753_697

Hollywood Sign
This was difficult to understand where it wad and how to see it. You can’t really get that close to it unless yoy drive or hike closer. I want prepared to do either of those things so I went to the shopping mall which has a good view of the sign I  the distance! I thought it would be bigger, but of course I was very far away!IMG_20170923_074753_700

Overall, I think L.A was a cool place, definitely tailored for the celebrity and rich life.

Food was expensive and I even traveled out to find a McDonald’s as all the food there was extortionate.

You’ll need to allow a bigger budget for L.A And prepare to travel as everything is far apart from one another.

But overall was a good experience!!


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