IMG_20170925_090909_570I was really excited about visiting Seattle in Washington state. I didn’t know what to expect exactly, but I heard many good things about it. The scenery and things to do there are meant to be quite quirky and unique. And it was! Although much colder than the other states I had visited, it was definitely one of the best cities I visited.

Space Needle

IMG_20170925_090909_569Of course I had to visit here. It’s well known for it’s height and the classic look on the Seattle skyline. It wasn’t as tall as I expected, and it cost around $20 to go up the top to have the view, which by this point I had already been to the top of so many buildings and landmarks that I was okay with just seeing it from the ground, and also the view point I found at Kerry Park.

Pike Place Market

This was such a groovy place, I’m so glad I found it. Having got my nose pierced in San Francisco I wanted a nose ring and found a huge selection here for so cheap too! All the jewellery and cool stuff you can find here is cheap but classic. I really liked it here, with different levels/floors you find different genres of shops. They also have food stands and fresh fish stands too.

Puget Sound

IMG_20170925_090909_587The sound surrounds the whole of the city Seattle and has some gorgeous views. Here you can do things like Whale Watching, see octopus and many more things. I unfortunately couldn’t do whale watching, however, I did go and take a walk around. It was so pretty and calm I sat there for about an hour!

The Seattle Great Wheel

20170921_170513.jpgNot as big as the London Eye! But the same concept. It costs approx $13 and offers fantastic views (I’ve heard) Again, for similar reasons I wasn’t too fussed about going on it. But at night time it looks beautiful when it is lit up on Pier 47.

These are just a few of the cool things you can do in Seattle. I found Seattle a lot more different than the other cities I visited in the States and I liked that. I liked how isolated it felt at times I liked that it wasn’t too touristy but did cater for tourists too!

I would definitely re-visit Seattle and spend a lot of time here. I loved it it was peaceful!

Have you ever been to Seattle? Is it on your list? Comment below! 🙂


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