IMG_20170928_103434_373Chicago was by far my favourite place. Seattle was very close, (see my Seattle post) but I fell in love with Chicago the minute I got there. I stayed in the area of Wicker Park and found this really cool and quite a hipster area. I was here on the last week of September, yet for some reason this year, it was about 30 degrees!! Which was soooo nice, but also really uncommon for Chicago. So

The Bean
20170924_105110.jpgI visited the famous “Bean” on my first day. This was actually much cooler than I expected it to be! It was designed by a famous architect and reflects the city. This was in a cool area, it wasn’t too far from the Chicago River, and is surrounded by restaurants and many other attractions too, it’s just over all a good area to start off in.

Chicago River

20170924_181712This is honestly the most beautiful river I have seen. It’s so unusual seeing a river in the middle of a city. (I know that sounds stupid because I live in London and am right next to the River Thames – but the Chicago river as you can see is a gorgeous colour and it just looks so peaceful. So I decided to go kayaking with an Australian girl I met there! It was so much fun!!

Lake Michigan

20170924_112044This is another place that I found breath taking. It looked incredible and I really think the weather helped. I went right up to the edge of the water and you can just see water forever.

Chicago was overall just a really interesting place. And had so much culture too. I would massively recommend visiting here in the summer. I’m definitely going back and I’ll go in the other seasons too!!!



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