Miami (my final stop)

20170926_120733Miami is an incredible city. I wanted to end my trip with a relaxing hot destination so I could chill out and sun bathe. That is exactly what I did!!

With South beach being so glorious and iconic, I couldn’t help but spend literally all my time here.

On the last coupe of days I also went to North beach just for a change of scene however they were both equally perfect.

I met 2 girls from Switzerland and we went for drinks and went clubbing. Miami is great for a night time vibe and has really great people.

Although the weather was bliss abs super hot everyday, it is quite muggy and the air is moist and it doesn’t take long to make you feel sticky!

I was here in Miami shortly after the hurricane outbursts. Although where I stayed luckily want affected I’m aware some areas were badly.

20170927_191505I would 100% go back to Miami beach just to lay in the sea, absorb sun on the sand, do some yoga on the shore and ultimately absolutely nothing else.



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