New Years Resolution Ideas


As we creep into the end of the year, it’s almost time for the “New year, new me” quotes. And following on from that. The thousands of status’ and tweets informing everyone of how you’re going to be a better person for 2018, and stick to all these changes.

We all know we make ridiculous resolutions when drunk at our New Years Eve parties, and wake up on January 1st wondering how on Earth you’ll stick to it.

Well I’ve got a few ideas to suggest to you! Some of them are a little harder, a little more time consuming, others are so easy you can do more than one! But if you’re stuck on ideas. Here are a few.

Learn a Language (Duo Lingo)

This is a fantastic app. I have downloaded this many a time, and committed to at least 10 minutes a day. Then slowly dropped off… and ultimately never practicing again… BUT! It is a great app. With a variety of languages and different levels you can really learn a language!


I cannot stress how beneficial yoga is. I started doing yoga just this year, and have already seen massive improvements and gained skills and muscle and flexibility. You can find all the benefits here on my blog post about why you should do yoga! Why You Should Really Start Doing Yoga

Read a Book a Month

So this is something maybe some of you already do? Possibly even do more than one a month. However, if you’re anything like me, then you never ever read. I have committed to reading the full sequence of Alice in Wonderland beginning in January. Which means I have 3 weeks to finish Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (for the third time – fave book).

Have a Fresh Year – With Water

This is EASY. And definitely should be in addition to whatever you choose as your New Years resolution. I wrote recently about the water challenge. It usually is for 30 days to see the effects. But do it all year. You’ll thank me this time next year. You can also find info at this blog post! 30 Day Water Challenge!

Get a Hobby

A new one. Something you’ve never done before. Start something new. Something unexpected, and surprise yourself. You might actually be really good at the one thing you just haven’t tried yet! Especially if you’re starting a new year with a lot more time on your hands. This is perfect!

So these are just a few ideas. I am going to try and do all…if not most of them at least. Remember, they don’t all have to start on New Years Day. But gradually throughout the year. You’ll try things and learn what fit best with your life! (The new you as of 2018 hehuehuehue)

Let me know of any other New Years Resolutions you have!



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