Funky Beauty Ideas/Tips


I’m sure most of you have thousands of secret beauty tricks up your sleeves. Being women, we grow up surrounded by beauty products all over the media and magazines telling us what to use and how to use it. The thing is, most women survived quite happily with perfect beauty before all this was available. They used trial and error and found what works for them! I too have done the same.

Vodka as a cleanser!

Yes!!!! You read that right. Vodka is so strong that it kills bacteria. Saying this, it is also very harsh, so dilute it with some water, like a quarter vodka, the rest water. Add it to a cotton ball, and wipe gently over your face before bed or firs thing in the morning. Maybe once a week, not every day. It’s great for getting rid of dead skin and giving a vibrant look.

Talc Powder for setting makeup

I actually use this all the time! It’s perfect because it’s lightweight and soaks up all the oil on your face. Be careful to use it sparingly though, as it will make you very white! If this happens, just sweep a thin later of bronzer over you face and away you go!

Salt/sugar face mask

This is perfect for really oily skin. Or spot prone skin. You need a fair amount of salt, and a small amount of water. you basically want a lid of water, and fill it with salt so that it turns into thick salt paste. rub this gently in circles over your face and this will exfoliate so well, and also the salt if left on for 5-10 minutes will dry out the spots and help your skin get that “sun and sea” look. Wash off thoroughly and apply an oil free moisturiser!

Bicarbonate soda face wash

Perfect for soft and gentle exfoliation, and cheap too! There’s always some in the cupboard (if you bake) and if you don’t bake, get some! You simply follow similar steps to the salt face mask but use it as a face wash! So almost as a soap! It’s great. Bicarbonate of soda can also be used as a tooth whitener/cleaner! It helps to remove stains and get rid of any unwanted discolouration!

So there’s just 4 of my funky beauty ideas/tips. Some of these will work better for others. So bare with. They may even only be great for me! But let me know if you have any other cool tricks! – You can also read my other post on beauty tips. >> My Top 5 Beauty Tips&Tricks



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