Face Mask Galore


I’ve always been fairly good with keeping up with skin care. I continuously bought face washes and moisturisers. However, I didn’t really do face masks. It would be once a month perhaps. Maybe less frequently. But recently I have invested in some brilliant face masks and have been alternating them every other day.

And the results have been great!

Superdrug: Coffee Mask







This face mask which is Superdrugs own brand is really good. It has real coffee grains in it. I use my fingers for this mask and rub it onto my face which gives a quick gentle exfoliation as well. I leave this mask on for quite some time, as it does go hard eventually. This means that when it’s time to wash it off, you can really get a good scrub as it comes off. Leaving your skin fresh and fully exfoliated.


Superdrug: Clay Mask






This is a classic clay mask, which I’ve always wanted! To apply this I use a foundation brush (a clean one of course) as it makes it easier to apply and not get it all over my hands. I leave this on for about 10 minutes until it goes hard. This is great for cleaning pores as it gets right into your skin, and when you wash it off, your face feels so clear!

Superdrug: Avocado & Oats








I actually use this more as a face wash mask. I use it in the shower once I have thoroughly cleaned my face. In the steam this goes on really nice. I just use my fingers to apply this. The avocado is good for moisturising and the oats are good for the skin. I leave it on for the last 5 or so minutes in the shower, and when I wash it off my skin feels super soft! It’s great. All these Superdrug face masks are so cheap! Around £5 and they do so many more different ones!

LUSH: Mask if Magnaminty
fm4(Excuse the condition of the tub – being left in the bathroom other creams have spilt onto it!) This was the first face mask tub I got. I fell in love with it. With no preservatives this mint & pea face mask is soooo lovely. It has exfoliates in it which makes it great for skin, and makes it tingly because of the mint. I can always use this face mask for any condition my skin is in. It’s also great for when my skin has broken out as it is oil free!!

LUSH: Just to Clarify









I recently got this face mask following on from my first Lush face mask. This is a jelly face mask (as they call it) you apply it to dry skin – I use my fingers. It has orange juice in it, which brightens the skin, papaya, and bamboo stem. It really does brighten up my skin sooo much after using it! I really love this one. I almost don’t want to use it, because it then I’ll have less of it!

LUSH: The Birth of Venus


This was my first jelly face mask. It was a gift from a friend, and at first I thought it wasn’t very good… thought I was doing it wrong. But your face has to be super dry, and clean. And you have to really rub it into your face. It doesn’t have exfoliate in it, but it has sea water and chamomile for good healthy skin. It has natural only ingredients and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean! Definitely recommend this!


Well there you have it! 5 face masks that I would 100% recommend for you to go and buy tomorrow! This has been posted just before Christmas so it’s perfect for your Christmas lists! Or if it’s your birthday or anything, these are easy little gifts for people to get you. And you can slowly collect! LUSH face masks are a little more expensive than the Superdrug masks. However, I would say the LUSH masks are definitely natural ingredients, whereas the Superdrug masks have some chemicals in.

Have you tried any of these? Or any different ones you would recommend to me?

Let me know in the comments below!!




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