Christmas Eve

CHRISTMAS1.jpgChristmas Eve!!! It’s the best night of the year (in my opinion). Traditionally I always spent Christmas Eve at my dads. We used to get the board games out when we were younger (that’s me and my 2 older brothers). This year, my oldest brother has taken his daughter to a Christmas Eve party, and my other brother was at a gig!

So tonight, it’s me and my dad! We’ve just ordered a curry, and are about to watch Interstellar. Although… due to the 2 kittens at the house, they’ve already knocked over the Christmas tree, and managed to pull wires out of the back of the TV so… Interstellar is on hold for now.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day! And we are doing the typical open presents at my dads, visit dads family, then onto my mum’s house.

At my mum’s is where we have dinner! The guinea-pigs will be grateful when all the veggie scraps are given to them. And they of course got some new toys!

Thought I’d just do a simple short post on what I’m up to for Christmas! So there you have it!

Tomorrow will be super busy, as will the next few days. New Year’s is next! And I’ll try and do another New Years post!

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!!!!!


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