Eye Shadow Palettes!!!!!


Recently I have tried to start doing my eye makeup a little bit more. I never really understood what to do with eye shadow, where to put it, or what colours to use. But, I started looking into it and paying more attention. So I got out my makeup palettes, even invested a couple of new ones!!! So here are just a few (I really do have lots) of my favourites and why!!

First up is Revolutions 144 Ultimate Eye Shadow Collection

I bought this recently. I love how it has such a huge range of colours. I’ve recently been using pinks as they seem to really suit my skin tone. However it has really cool tones as well. Browns and nudes. The pigmentation is pretty strong and I got this on sale for £6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So definitely worth the money.

Colours by Technic

This looks pretty similar to the Revolution one above^ but, they’re different. The one above offers way more subtle natural colours which can be used every day. Whereas this one, the pigmentation is quite bold so the colours here are great for shaping the eyes! Blues, yellows, greens, purples, and pinks. It’s also got great smoky eye colours too!

MUA palette

This palette was the first one I used for pink eyes. These pinks are more, reddish and brownish which were so perfect for the Autumn. I used almost all of them on one eye once, they all merge so well. Some are matte, and some are shimmery, so you can get a realy good diversity with this palette!

Another Revolution Palette

This one I bought the most recently. It has really strong colours that suit my eyes (hazel/brown). I like the purple/pink colours. The green/turqoise is really cute too. I need to try these colours out. But I really like how each row is a slightly darker shade, so a good ombre on the eyes will be easy with this palette!!


These are just a few palettes I have. A lot of my other ones are predominantly browns and blacks. I always thought that because I have brown eyes I should only use browns and nude colours to compliment them. But only recently I’ve been able to mix up a few colours and get them to work!

So all these palettes are great as they are so cheap as well. (Just makes them 10000x better)


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