Toulouse! (South of France)


I went to Toulouse!

I decided as it was Jan 2018. A new year, I needed somewhere to go. If you have the travel bug like I do, you know the feels, you gots ta go!

So I booked a flight out on like the Wednesday, to go on the Saturday. Semi last minute. But definitely really fun! I flew out early morning Saturday. And stayed in a hostel in central Toulouse.

I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there wasn’t really anything to do. I liked this, because it meant I had to walk about. It wasn’t even that cold! Which was a bonus. There were lots of lakes and canals. It was really nice walking along the water and looking around!

I took my Alice in Wonderland book with me, and I read loads. I feel like being here would be great in the Summer as all the nature would be blossomed and nice! I hardly ever read, and it was in my New Years Resolution to try and read more, so I managed to get a lot done which was great!

The people were really friendly, and there were a lot of Spanish people! As it’s so close to Barcelona, so I was able to get my Spanish on a bit!

I visited an Ancient Egyptian museum which was cool. Unfortunately… all of the parks I visited were shut! The wind apparently was too strong and could knock down the trees! They shut all the parks because it was too windy?! Weird reason, but never mind. I was looking forward to visiting the Japanese Garden, it looked beautiful. But it’ll have to be next time!


I’m intrigued to go to France a bit more. Paris I need to visit, and a few more places in the South.

The peace and quiet was nice, I really appreciated the lone time, last year was such a hectic time some chilled out  relaxing time is what I needed.

It was pretty windy when I was there, on one of the days it was really cold and I got caught in a storm… which wasn’t fun. But another day it was really nice weather. about 10 degrees more than back in the UK.


I’d recommend going here, although be prepared there’s not a whole load to do. However, the trains are easy to use and you can easily visit other cities.

It was a great place! Have you been anywhere else in France? Where next?!



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