Veganuary. Did You Do It?!


It’s the second to last day of the month. 30th Jan 2018. First of all, how fast has this month gone? On Thursday it’ll be February. And that’s just crazy. Christmas is fully over, New Year is over, most people have relapsed on their New Year Resolutions by now too. But here’s one… that maybe you can keep up!

Like all beginnings of the year, people create new year rituals, or resolutions. One of these trends has been to go vegan for the whole month of January (and potentially/hopefully for longer!)

Veganuary became a certified charity in January 2014. They set up to create awareness of being vegan, and also an opportunity to try it out before having to commit fully. It was designed to improve public opinions and awareness of what veganism is and why it’s good. On their site you can find recipes, advice, health facts and recommendations, and much more!

veganuary2On their site you can sign up for free advice and help. I received the starter pack and it contained so much information. It was very light and full of positive comments about veganism. It massively helped and encouraged me to go vegan. I have been for over a year now, and haven’t looked back. I don’t find it difficult, other than in some restaurants, but most have vegan options now.

“When I see bacon, I see a pig, I see a little friend, and that’s why I can’t eat it. Simple as that.” -Paul McCartney

The Veganuary site, contains some great links, such as “Accidentally vegan” products in the UK. These are products that haven’t been certified vegan, however, contain no non-vegan products. I love these, I get so excited when little snacks have nothing I don’t want in them!

They also have a link for Vegan Myths. I think this is important, and really interesting too! Would definitely recommend reading this. Because for a lot of people, going vegan isn’t an option, not due to dietary requirements, but mainly due to the lack of information, and too much false information!!

I wrote a post already, on the benefits of being vegan, and what it’s like. So give that a read also. Veganism. What?! Why?!


But this post is more about awareness of Veganuary, and wondering who committed to it!? If you didn’t do Veganuary, but want to give it a go. Then do Vegebruary, or Vegarch, or Vapril, Vegay, Vegune, Vuly, Vaugust, etc… you get the point.

But it really is never too late. At least to try it. There are so many resources online as to why you should go vegan, so give it a try, have a read. If you fancy doing it!

Let me know what your thoughts are on veganism!




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