NYX Primer Review!


I never used primer, it was something I always heard about but never used it. I didn’t really know what it was for. Only recently have I found what a great product it really is!


What is Primer?
Primer is what you put on after you’ve moisturised, but before any makeup. Once it’s set/dried, you put your makeup on as normal. Primer protects your skin from the makeup, it acts as a barrier so it doesn’t fall into your pores. It also helps keep the makeup on longer so it doesn’t slide down your face throughout the day/night (or both!!!)

Now I own several primers, probably around 10 different ones. I have green ones for balancing out the red on my face, and purple to brighten up my skin. I even have pore fillers and expensive brands too.

However, the best primer I’ve ever used is this one by NYX. It’s so cheap too!! And why I love it so much is because it’s slightly tinted, and really covers over the blemishes on my skin. It is so good, sometimes if I don’t want to wear makeup I’ll wear just this primer as it provides a basic coverage too. As it’s slightly tinted it looks like a think foundation. It’s great.

Screenshot_20180208-193908The texture of it isn’t like my other primers. The primers I have are like a thick cream. But this one is more like a mousse? I would describe it most like the No7 mousse. It glides on and is so easy to spread on the face so you don’t need to use a lot!

It comes in 3 shades, light, medium, and dark. I use medium and it glides over my pores too, filling them and creating a super smooth skin look.


It works better at reducing redness than the green-balancing ones, it brightens my skin better than the purple ones!! And even fills in the pores better than the pore fillers!!!

It’s one of the cheapest ones I have, and anytime I go out, I always buy a couple more. I probably won’t buy any different primers now.

Would definitely recommend it!

Have you tried it? Or any other primers you like that you swear by?

Lemme know! 🙂



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