Accidentally Vegan Treats! (UK)


Yup!! Another vegan post 🙂 I’ve done some research and some I’ve come across myself through a pleasant accident. Many products in stores are NOT vegan, that you would expect to be. But unfortunately a lot of companies use small amounts of by-products and therefore they are unavailable to vegans! However, fear not! I have come up with a list of products I love and have found to be vegan! And couldn’t be more pleased! So here it goes, if you’re already vegan, here’s some goodies! If you’re not, go vegan, and enjoy this stuff too!!!! (Win, Win!)


I’m sure most people know that Marmite is vegan by now. If you didn’t, here you go! I must have Marmite on toast most days for breakfast! I literally LOVE it. If you’re a hater…there’s not a lot I can do… but it’s great!

peanut butter
Peanut Butter

Yep!!!! Almost every brand of Peanut butter is vegan! It doesn’t contain butter! I actually only get the Sainsbury’s basics, I don’t eat enough of it to get the good stuff. But if you’re gonna eat Peanut butter, it better be crunchy!



If you haven’t yet discovered the paradise that hummus and crisps offers you, then you haven’t lived yet. I never ate hummus, until I went vegan. And wooooow! I LOVE it. Dip carrots, or any veg for a healthy snack. Or, do what I do, and have hot crisps to dip in, the counter flavours compliment each other so much! (Don’t I sound like Gordon Ramsey!)



The original flavour. Yes! They are vegan. They are produced in a factory where milk is handled, so this is mentioned for allergy reasons. But if you’re happy to still eat (as they don’t actually contain any milk) then here you go! A great biscuit!



Similarly to Oreos, they can be produced in a factory that handles milk. But you need to check the labels. As some stores make them WITH milk, and others don’t. But many bourbons I’ve bought have been vegan!


jam and custard donut
The Co-Op Jam and Custard Donuts

I haven’t actually had these yet! Definitely on the list! But yes!!! VEGAN!!!! Amazing!



Sainsbury’s Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles

Yup! Weird! But These chicken flavour noodles are vegan! (And so are some rip-off pot noodles in other stores, so always check the label!)



fox'sFox’s Dark Chocolate Chunkie Cookies

I bought these the other day and WOW!!! They’re so good! I bought 3 packs… just because. But they’re awesome to dip in a tea, or just eat at various times throughout the day… there really is no “ideal” time for biscuits. Because that would suggest there are “non-ideal” times too… which just doesn’t exist.

These are just a few snacks that are accidentally vegan. This just means they weren’t intentionally made without animal by-products, they just happened to not be used! Which is great for us!

I’ve heard that more a more brands and changing their ingredients and recipes to see if they can fall into the vegan category! More and more people are adopting the vegan lifestyle and therefore, companies are having to adapt to keep up!

Do you know of any other accidentally vegan snacks?! There really are hundreds, you just have to do your research! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this, and find yourself indulging in these goodies!


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