Places I Want To Travel


The World is so big. Like… so big. There’s just really not enough time or money to travel all of it! I would happily spend my life travelling to every country if I could! If I could get paid to do it, I would. But unfortunately, you have to just choose the top places and do your best to visit them. I have so many places I want to visit, but here are just some, that I must go to!

Galapagos Islands






On the West coast of Ecuador there are a collection of Islands called the Galapagos Islands. This is a home to some species that exist only here! How incredible! It’s a protected area and they only allow a certain number of people there a day. It looks magical! You can swim with sharks here and explore the different Islands! I’ll feel like a mermaid in the H20 series!


Great Wall of China

great wallThis is surely on every travel addicts bucket list, along with the other typical landmarks. It just has to be done! China as a country needs to be visited anyway, but the Great Wall I HAVE to walk along! I’d explore lots of China and the history and culture it has is incredible. The Great Wall is a must!


Swing on the Edge of the World (Ecuador)

This is meant to be insane!!! I know a couple of people who have been, and apparently it’s just incredible. It’s quite literally a swing, over a cliff. It’s meant to give an amazing rush and feeling of freedom! I can’t wait to visit. Ecuador has some great views and culture too, so I’d love to visit and travel a lot of South America whilst I’m there.



Mount Rushmore

mount rushmoreI went to America back in September 2017. And planned to go to South Dakota where Mount Rushmore is, however, the plan fell through! So I didn’t go. But I will go back, and I will visit! Rapid City is the nearest airport I believe. There’s not really a lot else I want to do in South Dakota, so it’s just about sparing a day or 2 to stop by over here!

Taj Mahal

Sunrise over Taj MahalI mean if this isn’t on your travel bucket list… then I don’t know what you’re doing! This is a MUST!! I cannot wait to go to India and travel around the great cities and appreciate the Culture. But seeing the Taj Mahal would be truly incredible and has to happen! Built for his wife, this is one of the most amazing pieces of architecture! It’s meant to be absolutely breath taking.

Great Barrier Reef

great barrierAgain, this is another expected! Who doesn’t want to visit the Great Barrier Reef eh?! Unfortunately, it’s slowly deteriorating so you have to visit quickly! I’m hoping to see it very soon!! Being able to swim with sharks and many other incredible species would be a once in a life time opportunity. The colours of the reefs are meant to be unlike anything else!

Burj Khalifa

Burj-Khalifa, Dubai 8.jpg

This is the tallest building in the World! Since watching the Mission Impossible movie where Tom Crusie is climbing up the side of it, I’ve wanted to visit. I want to see the view of Dubai from the top floor. I love views of cities from high up and this is the ultimate view! As well as the many other views and things to do in Dubai, this is a perfect reason to visit and shop!


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