Black Mirror


Let’s start off with a huge “spoiler alert” disclaimer.

If you’ve not yet watched Black Mirror, I suggest you don’t read this post, in case is ruins it for you. However, if you haven’t seen it, but aren’t too fussed, and still want to read about the storylines and how incredible they are, then read on!!

A lot of people gave me mixed reviews when talking about Black Mirror. Some people said they couldn’t watch it, it was too strange, surreal. Others said it was the best thing ever made.

Each episode is a new story line. (I’ve actually not watched all the episodes yet, but I definitely will get through them all).

You don’t need to watch this series chronologically as they don’t have any sequence or connection. But I’d still say to watch from the beginning and just go through the motions of each one.

I hesitated massively and prolonged watching the first episode for about 2 weeks. I heard the first one involves a pig… and some… weird events. So I wasn’t too sure. But once I saw it, I realised, it’s not really the storyline itself that’s important it’s the hidden, underlying message that comes with it.

Each episode seems to have a life message with some sort of taboo and a hint about how we could end up here in the future if society keeps on this way. It takes real life unspoken about matters, and turns them into reality. Some storylines are more far fetched than others, but in all the ones I have seen, you can get a sense of reality and it worries you!

I was thinking of doing an analysis of each episode I’ve seen and writing about the underlying issues in it. Exploring the realistic possibilities, how bad they potentially are etc – what do you guys think?

I think Black Mirror has used technology as it’s base line and then built from there. It’s about how technology has changed us and made us slaves to the industry, and how alongside technology, there comes power, control, manipulation and many other issues. I like that Black Mirror explores this as there aren’t really any other series (that I know of) that does this.

Having every episode as a different storyline and unconnected I think makes a more powerful message. As it’s literally just opening eyes for people, and making them think. Rather than having a sugar coated storyline throughout that would lose the true message of each episode.

Every episode I have seen, has ended badly, or just neutrally. I haven’t seen a happy ending yet, but I think that’s important. As it’s not trying to make sales and entertain people, I think the creators are genuinely trying to send a message out (but also making money of course…)

I would strongly recommend watching this programme, but it needs to be watched properly, and you need to pay attention, because you could go and make a cup of tea, come back, and have no idea what’s going on.

Start with episode one, and work through it chronologically, just because, it also makes it easy to know where you got up to on Netflix!!!!

Have a watch! And get back to me! Comment below!!


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