Everyday Skincare Routine

Screenshot_20180322-182713.jpgI thought is write a full detailed post about my skincare. I suffered with bad skin a few years ago. It was an unfortunate side effect from the pill. I was one of the ‘1 in 10000’ people who had the reaction. So I had to very quickly learn how to care for my skin in the best and most hygienic way.

After a shower, the first thing I did is sanitize my hands – you can get bottles of it for really cheap and it’s handy just to have nearby. You touch your face so much when applying makeup and other skin care products, so having clean hands is important.


Toning is important!!!! You don’t understand how much a difference this can make! It brightens your skin and calms it down especially if you have had a hot shower.

Eye cream

I have vitamin E cream to put under my eyes, if you’re anything like me, you get tired looking eyes no matter how much sleep you got!


I leave the toner and eye cream to settle for a few minutes before I apply moisturiser. I use a non oily moisturiser and invest in a good quality one because this makes all the difference.


This is sometimes my favourite part. I have so many different primers! I have green ones to help with redness, purple to brighten the skin, tinted to help with coverage if it’s a particularly bad day! Pore fillers and more! Having a good primer makes all the difference to how your makeup looks and also helps to protect the skin from the oily makeup products.

After all this I leave my face to calm and apply makeup (if I’m wearing any) about 20 minutes later.

Once I’m home, I try and take my makeup off as quickly as I can just to let my skin breathe but a lot of the time this is late at night. So I use baby wipes just to remove eye makeup, then I wash my face with antibacterial soap!


I use a super gentle exfoliation such as bicarbonate of soda to get rid of the makeup properly.

Micellar water

I use this on a cotton pad to sweep over my fave a collect any left over makeup the soap missed, like near my hairline and around my nose and eyebrows etc.


I always moisturise before bed!!! I use a light tin layer to allow my skin to breathe, and definitely with no oils in it!

Then I’m all ready to repeat in the morning.

I will do a “products” post to show you what I use.  Although I have about 3 drawers full of skin care products! So that may take a while…

But your skin is so important to keep clean and fresh as it can have exessive oil build ups and that’s when it starts to break out!

So there you are! It’s pretty time consuming but definitely worth it!!

Comment below what skin care tricks you use!


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