Stockholm – Sweden!

I’ve been terrible with keeping up posting… it’s been a mental couple of weeks! But last weekend I went to Stockholm! Solo trip again! It was so much fun, and I’ll take you through the different places I visited and the things I got up to!

I booked a return flight for Saturday – Monday, and just packed a little backpack of essentials, and I was good to go! (You get good at travelling light when you go away so frequently, it’s a massive arse ache having to carry more than the bare necessities – almost broke into song there)

I stayed in the “Interhostel” which was about 2 hours drive from the airport I landed in. When I landed it was so snowy! And I was worried I’d have cold wet feet but by the time I had travelled south down to Stockholm, the ground had cleared and it was much nicer weather.

Stopping by at some cafes for a cup of tea, (or a cheeky beer in a pub) when my feet ached. Charged my phone, and then moved on again! I actually spent a lot of my walking time listening to The Guilty Feminist (< That’s the link to my post on the podcast! It’s great! Give it a read). So I had a wonderful time just enjoying solitude and independence, it’s great for head space!

Sweden is fairly expensive, but it’s not outrageous, as long as you budget and don’t buy unnecessary things it’s totally do-able! I think I spent about £100 over 3 days, so it was really good!

The views were incredible! And I felt so safe, being a young woman in a city on your own, at night especially can be daunting and sometimes unsafe. But I felt absolutely fine here! And would recommend girls to go here alone, if they’re are looking for some time on their own in a city!

I went to the Stockholm Palace – by accident actually! I was walking around it and suddenly realised where I was! It’s beautiful.


Stortorget was so peaceful! I actually sat here for hours reading in the sun! It was a great place to people watch and catch up on my book!


I walked all the way to Monteliusvagen and waited to watch the sun go down! It was beautiful and definitely worth the wait!


On the coldest day I visited the Library! Which was so cool inside! And I sat here for a couple of hours whilst the weather warmed up reading! Super peaceful!


There are so many things to do in Stockholm and each little Island has something new! I’d definitely recommend to go!

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I really loved it here!
You should definitely go!
Comment below and let me know if you’ve been and what you think of the City!


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