Everyday Makeup Routine

I thought I’d do a little post on what I do with my face to prepare it for the day ahead! I own so much makeup it’s honestly ridiculous and definitely should be recognized a genuine addiction. I can’t help myself, even though I already have 14 foundations, I’ll still buy more and more! Every day I do my makeup differently, to me I can see a huge difference but to everyone else I probably look exactly the same!

Straight out the shower, I splash my face with cold water, this helps to close the pores. I have a really pore-y face so I try to minimise this as much as I can before applying makeup as it can often enhance them.

My favourite at the moment is Clean & Clear, as I’m having some breakouts in my skin at this time. I own about 12 toners, so I alternate depending on how my skin is doing that day/week. This one really drys out spots and makes your skin all tingly and it feels super clean!


I wait about 5 minutes, and find something else to do whilst I let this set into my skin (brush my hair or start getting dressed).

I have had sooooo many moisturisers that I just haven’t been able to get on with. I have super combination skin, so if I don’t moisturise, I get really dry skin, I mean to the point of like white flakes! And if I DO moisturise, my skin gets super oily, can’t win right?! But! I found a great one that I now swear by, and it’s really good for you.


Aveeno Cream! You can get this in most pharmacies and sometimes in normal stores. It can be anything from £5 for a small tube, up to £10 or more for a bigger bottle. It’s definitely worth it though. It really calms my skin and prepares my skin with a good base for makeup and isn’t oily (for me anyway). It also spreads really well so you hardly need any at all!

I cannot stress how important primer is for your skin. There are so many different ones (as I have mentioned in a previous post on Everyday Skincare Routine)

My go to primer would be Max Factor. I got this so long ago, and I love it. It goes on really smooth and makes my skin really soft. it creates the perfect base just before makeup begins! And it smells nice too! I tend to put this on my cheeks, and under my eyes, I tend to avoid my forehead as I don’t actually put any makeup on my head! I leave this to settle for a few minutes before I begin my foundation.

This is the fun part. I chose the Body Shop foundation because this one gives such a natural finish. It’s not matted and it’s not too oily as it’s so thin, so it makes your skin look really radiant. I tend to use a sponge as it stops so much product going in one place.

Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser. There’s such a debate about what goes first, the concealer or the foundation. I always put my foundation on first, very thinly, and then use a concealer to cover the blemishes. Otherwise, you can put the concealer on perfectly, and then when you apply foundation you move all the well strategically placed concealer!


This concealer is amazing!!! I have bought so many of them, the little sponge at the end makes it apply so smooth and it has a great consistency.

Kiko Mascara. I LOVE this mascara. It comes in 3 colours (the tube not the mascara) and the pink one is the most natural. It is good as a top coat as well on top of other mascaras, but for a natural look it slightly curls the lashes and adds a few millimeters.


I fell for this Benefit Hoola bronzer years ago when I first borrowed it from a friend. I have never been without it since. It’s so natural and such great pigmentation. I usually just sweep this under my cheek bones to define them a bit. Then on my temples on my head, and sometimes on my jaw line, it just helps to sculpt my face a bit. This stops my face from being just one colour from the foundation, and helps to define features.


I obviously have a much bigger routine when I’m going out. But these are my go to products. I often change it up, and use slightly different products, but it usually follows the same pattern.

Do you use any of these products? Or have a similar routine?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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