I’m Moving to Australia!

I’ve been super radio silent recently, I’ve had lots of things to do and sort out. A lot of that is because I’m going to Aus! And some of that is because I’ve just been really enjoying my time and hanging with my friends, making the most of it before I go.


So I’m flying out to Cairns in Australia at the beginning of July. I picked Cairns because it’s the hottest place for the time of year, and the Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list! I have a huge list of activities and bucket list ideas I need to tick off whilst I’m here, so I figured I’d begin, in Cairns!

So yeah, Australia is on the other side of the World, seems a bit far but, I need it! I’m 22 and absolutely fell in love with travelling when I went around America (Check out my “America” posts too! America 2017and I just decided after visiting a few other countries after, that I needed to do a big one. It’s been a crazy year, 2018, things happened I didn’t expect, and other things didn’t happen that I did! It’ll be good to get away and be a free bird! Although I’ll reaaaally miss people, and struggle without my pals.

I literally have no plan. Not really. I’m going on my own, but I’ll make friends when I arrive, and I have family in various parts of different cities so I’m not completely alone. But, I have a holiday working visa, and this allows me to get work to fund my travels. I would probably ideally want to work in a bar, or club type place, because it means I can meet people my age, and have all the sun in the day time!! 🙂

YES! I will be blogging, about literally everything!! Seeing as I have no pre-planned things and nothing to occupy my time, I really want to get my blog kick starting properly and to have a really engaging network of people too.  I will write about positive, and negative experiences, my thoughts, my travels, the cool things I do, and the mundane things too. I know my family might be reading it too to see what I’m getting up to! So it’s a good way to inform people of my journey!

SO! Watch this space!

I won’t be posting before I go, (3rd July) but expect another post that week. And it’ll have come all the way from Aus, with love.


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