About JamieMarieUK

about meI started writing this blog because I wanted to explore my thoughts and views, and by providing a space to put them all, means I can also share them with others!

A bit about me!

I am Jamie Marie! And I am 22 and I live in London (UK). I work in advertising and play/teach the piano too!

I have been playing the piano since I was 9, so almost 13 years!

I want to write about political/social topics, and address the important issues in the World. Feminism, racism, animal rights etc. And much more. However, I also am aware that not many people want to read about these things. Ignorance gets in the way and people don’t always care! So, I thought if I write about other things too, makeup, beauty, events, travelling!! Then when readers get familiar with my site, they will perhaps “stumble” upon more serious and important topics of mine, and then the messages spread that way.

I passionate about everything I write. I love makeup, and skin care etc. I also am very into my travels. But ultimately I want to create awareness, with what little room there is in society, I’ll use it.

I am on Twitter a lot! @jamiemarieuk where I ramble on about pointless stuff, it’s like a virtual diary.

You can find all of my social medias on my Work With/Contact Me page.