I have my main topics under the heading “Categories”.

Within these I have many different topics, such as, under Beauty, I have hair posts, make-up posts, skin care, and beauty tips etc.

Lifestyle contains yoga, veganism, other lifestyle topics. Political/Social Topics have topics such as feminism, topics discussing privilege, racism, and many other important discussions. There is also Travel, Events/Experiences and Everything Else.

The main point of my blog ultimately is to create awareness about important topics. However I’m aware that people don’t want to just read intense serious things all the time. So I write about everything really.

As much as I’m passionate about fighting the bad things in this world, I have other passions too, such as makeup, yoga and much more! So I try and integrate this all into one big blog so that everything is in one place!

I am also very willing to write posts on request, if there’s anything you’re particularly interested in I am more than happy to write!! My email is

You can also find all my social medias etc on my Contact Me page!