Tattoo Talk

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. Yeah... underage I know. But give a fuck. I knew I always wanted one, and I decided to go somewhere and take a fake ID! (Wouldn't advise this). I got a tiny stave, with a treble and bass clef on it. (To commemorate my accomplishments with … Continue reading Tattoo Talk

Retail Sales!

Everyone loves a sale! Everyone loves treating themselves with new clothes and accessories. But too often the prices are too high. Most people wait until there is a sale at their favourite shop and then they shop away! I thought I would let you know of some retail stores that have some great sales on … Continue reading Retail Sales!

Black Mirror

Let's start off with a huge "spoiler alert" disclaimer. If you've not yet watched Black Mirror, I suggest you don't read this post, in case is ruins it for you. However, if you haven't seen it, but aren't too fussed, and still want to read about the storylines and how incredible they are, then read … Continue reading Black Mirror

Diary Post; 4th Jan 2018

Hello chums. I've not done a post like this before. And I have to admit... I was a little stuck on what to post this evening! So I thought, why not do a diary type post! Happy New Year! It's finally 2018, I feel like everyone was really counting down the days towards the end … Continue reading Diary Post; 4th Jan 2018

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!!! It's the best night of the year (in my opinion). Traditionally I always spent Christmas Eve at my dads. We used to get the board games out when we were younger (that's me and my 2 older brothers). This year, my oldest brother has taken his daughter to a Christmas Eve party, and … Continue reading Christmas Eve

London’s Unique ‘Must Do’ Attractions

Having worked in  central London for 2 years now, I have come across some interesting places and been told about unique less known about attractions. Here are just 5 that I would recommend!   Swingers - Crazy Golf Situated next to the Gherkin near Aldgate underground station, is this unique crazy golf place! You can … Continue reading London’s Unique ‘Must Do’ Attractions

New Years Resolution Ideas

As we creep into the end of the year, it's almost time for the "New year, new me" quotes. And following on from that. The thousands of status' and tweets informing everyone of how you're going to be a better person for 2018, and stick to all these changes. We all know we make ridiculous … Continue reading New Years Resolution Ideas

30 Day Water Challenge!

Over the Summer months, I managed to drink so much water. I easily drank 3 litres, sometimes even more on a daily basis. Now it's the colder months and those fresh glasses of icy water has been replaced by hot chocolates and cups of tea! Although this is still fluid and not bad for you, … Continue reading 30 Day Water Challenge!

Top 5: Pre-Drinking Games!

I figured as it's August, it means that Freshers week at uni is creeping up! There's nothing worse than having friends over, or at a party and someone suggest drinking games. But no one knows any! So here I'll give you some top games, some I've played, others I cannot wait to give a go. … Continue reading Top 5: Pre-Drinking Games!