Top 5: Pre-Drinking Games!

I figured as it's August, it means that Freshers week at uni is creeping up! There's nothing worse than having friends over, or at a party and someone suggest drinking games. But no one knows any! So here I'll give you some top games, some I've played, others I cannot wait to give a go. … Continue reading Top 5: Pre-Drinking Games!


Veganism. What?! Why?!

I decided to write a post on what veganism is, why people do it and how it is possible for you to do it. Please do not think this is a post trying to 'convert' you. Or tell you how bad you are that you aren't vegan. It really isn't. It's just a little bit … Continue reading Veganism. What?! Why?!

Why You Should Really Start Doing Yoga

I always knew of yoga, but never really thought about doing it, until recently I was diagnosed with something that prevented me from doing exercise! So yoga was my only option for exercise really as it works the muscles but doesn’t create too much stress on your heart. I always thought yoga was just sitting … Continue reading Why You Should Really Start Doing Yoga