Places I Want To Travel

The World is so big. Like... so big. There's just really not enough time or money to travel all of it! I would happily spend my life travelling to every country if I could! If I could get paid to do it, I would. But unfortunately, you have to just choose the top places and … Continue reading Places I Want To Travel

Accidentally Vegan Treats! (UK)

Yup!! Another vegan post 🙂 I've done some research and some I've come across myself through a pleasant accident. Many products in stores are NOT vegan, that you would expect to be. But unfortunately a lot of companies use small amounts of by-products and therefore they are unavailable to vegans! However, fear not! I have … Continue reading Accidentally Vegan Treats! (UK)

NYX Primer Review!

I never used primer, it was something I always heard about but never used it. I didn't really know what it was for. Only recently have I found what a great product it really is! What is Primer? Primer is what you put on after you've moisturised, but before any makeup. Once it's set/dried, you … Continue reading NYX Primer Review!

Veganuary. Did You Do It?!

It's the second to last day of the month. 30th Jan 2018. First of all, how fast has this month gone? On Thursday it'll be February. And that's just crazy. Christmas is fully over, New Year is over, most people have relapsed on their New Year Resolutions by now too. But here's one... that maybe … Continue reading Veganuary. Did You Do It?!

Toulouse! (South of France)

I went to Toulouse! I decided as it was Jan 2018. A new year, I needed somewhere to go. If you have the travel bug like I do, you know the feels, you gots ta go! So I booked a flight out on like the Wednesday, to go on the Saturday. Semi last minute. But … Continue reading Toulouse! (South of France)

Diary Post; 4th Jan 2018

Hello chums. I've not done a post like this before. And I have to admit... I was a little stuck on what to post this evening! So I thought, why not do a diary type post! Happy New Year! It's finally 2018, I feel like everyone was really counting down the days towards the end … Continue reading Diary Post; 4th Jan 2018

Eye Shadow Palettes!!!!!

Recently I have tried to start doing my eye makeup a little bit more. I never really understood what to do with eye shadow, where to put it, or what colours to use. But, I started looking into it and paying more attention. So I got out my makeup palettes, even invested a couple of … Continue reading Eye Shadow Palettes!!!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve!!! It's the best night of the year (in my opinion). Traditionally I always spent Christmas Eve at my dads. We used to get the board games out when we were younger (that's me and my 2 older brothers). This year, my oldest brother has taken his daughter to a Christmas Eve party, and … Continue reading Christmas Eve