Everyday Makeup Routine

I thought I'd do a little post on what I do with my face to prepare it for the day ahead! I own so much makeup it's honestly ridiculous and definitely should be recognized a genuine addiction. I can't help myself, even though I already have 14 foundations, I'll still buy more and more! Every … Continue reading Everyday Makeup Routine

NYX Primer Review!

I never used primer, it was something I always heard about but never used it. I didn't really know what it was for. Only recently have I found what a great product it really is! What is Primer? Primer is what you put on after you've moisturised, but before any makeup. Once it's set/dried, you … Continue reading NYX Primer Review!

Eye Shadow Palettes!!!!!

Recently I have tried to start doing my eye makeup a little bit more. I never really understood what to do with eye shadow, where to put it, or what colours to use. But, I started looking into it and paying more attention. So I got out my makeup palettes, even invested a couple of … Continue reading Eye Shadow Palettes!!!!!

Funky Beauty Ideas/Tips

I'm sure most of you have thousands of secret beauty tricks up your sleeves. Being women, we grow up surrounded by beauty products all over the media and magazines telling us what to use and how to use it. The thing is, most women survived quite happily with perfect beauty before all this was available. … Continue reading Funky Beauty Ideas/Tips

MUA Matte Lipgloss Review

I came across this brand a few years ago. And was absoloutely taken back by their obscenely cheap prices. £1 lipsticks and £4 eyeshadow palettes. I figured there must be something wrong! I wasn't!! I have since bought so much MUA makeup (stands for MakeUp Academy) - and can be purchased from Boots.  AND ARE … Continue reading MUA Matte Lipgloss Review

My Favourite Makeup Products

If you're anything like me then you'll have way more than just one type of each make up product. I currently have 16 foundations and counting. God only knows how many blushers/bronzers and a heinous amount of lipsticks. However, for this post, I have chosen just my top favourites for a foundation, lipstick, mascara,  powder, … Continue reading My Favourite Makeup Products

My Top 5 Beauty Tips&Tricks

I have put together 5 of my most used and most trusted beauty tips that some are quite common! You might have heard of them already, and others maybe not. But give them a try, see how they work for you and let me know how they go! They work so well for me. Most are … Continue reading My Top 5 Beauty Tips&Tricks