Everyday Skincare Routine

I thought is write a full detailed post about my skincare. I suffered with bad skin a few years ago. It was an unfortunate side effect from the pill. I was one of the '1 in 10000' people who had the reaction. So I had to very quickly learn how to care for my skin … Continue reading Everyday Skincare Routine

Face Mask Galore

I've always been fairly good with keeping up with skin care. I continuously bought face washes and moisturisers. However, I didn't really do face masks. It would be once a month perhaps. Maybe less frequently. But recently I have invested in some brilliant face masks and have been alternating them every other day. And the … Continue reading Face Mask Galore

My Pamper Night

I did a pamper evening, as I try to do at least once a week. I have so many products, and need to really sort them all out as I am running out of room to store them all! Every girl (pretty much every girl) loves to do a pamper every now and then. Just … Continue reading My Pamper Night