Las Vegas!

I know it's been a while since I posted. But like I said it may happen that I start having way too much fun and don't have the time to write! Well this very much became reality in Vegas! Flying from Phoenix to Vegas really wasn't bad it was somethung like a 45 minute flight. … Continue reading Las Vegas!

Washington D.C

Stop 2 on my long list of stops. This was pretty cool. Everything I wanted to do was near enough in the same place. It's the capital of America and is it's own district so doesnt ready fall into a state but we were staying just outside of D.C in Virginia. Washington Monument I watch … Continue reading Washington D.C

Camping in Luxembourg

Having just passed a bank holiday (UK) I decided to use this free time to do another little city trip! I'm so fond of short breaks driving in Europe. I'm pretty confident on the road, and the only country within comfortable driving distance I haven't been to is Luxembourg! So this is where I chose … Continue reading Camping in Luxembourg

Zante: The Beautiful Side

Zante is the well known Island in which many party-goers travel here for the cheap booze, loud music and hot sun. Specifically Laganas is the attractive party area of the Island. And I feel like many people have pre-set thoughts of the Island, without considering the beautiful elements the Island has to offer. I came … Continue reading Zante: The Beautiful Side